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What is Request?

Request is a feature that allows you to get information not only from your team members but also from various third-party services. 

A data request captures information from a third-party service the team uses and attaches that data to an existing Standuply report inside Slack. 

Here are some examples of data requests:

- data/charts from Google Analytics/ Jira / Trello/ Github/ Gitlab etc.
- metrics from databases like MySQL or MongoDB;

You can create requests on the team overview page of you Standuply's personal account 

and add it to any report in the report's settings in the "Respondents & Requests" section. 

You configure a request once then anytime attach it to an existing standup report or a new report. You can run a standup report with your teammates plus a data request or just have a separate report with the data request only. 

Google Analytics Requests

Create a request in Standuply with a metric from Google Analytics and then attach it either to your daily standup or create a separate report with it. You can use one of 5 different templates: 

  • Summary;
  • Behavior;
  • NewUsers;
  • SiteSpeed;
  • Ecommerce. 

or create a request with custom metrics 

Custom requests

You can also create a request for other tools you use, like MySQL, MongoDB, etc via the Custom request option. 

The custom request is the endpoint Standuply will use to pull the data and post it to Slack. 

To do so, you need to prepare the data in the required format on your side and specify the URL from which Standuply should collect the data. This way you can automatically share important metrics with the team in Slack.

You can even make your own integration, for example with Jira, to send the data you need via Standuply directly to Slack. But if you wait a bit, you might have similar integrations out of the box, made by our team. 

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