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What configuration options do the reports have?

After you have created a report you are able to configure the following things: 


  • Report's name


  • Start Day - the day when the report will start to be active
  • Timezone - time zone that the report's schedule is tied to
  • Schedule - time and days of the week when the report will be run and its recurrence

Respondents & Requests 

  • Respondents - people from the Slack team that will be asked questions by the bot or receive notifications from it. You can add groups of people with one click by clicking "Add all team members" or "Add channel members"
  • Welcome message - the message that bot will send to all the respondents before it starts asking them questions

  • Questions - the questions that the respondents will be asked by the bot, their number, order and the types of the expected answers
  • Response type - the expected response format. You can select one of three options: Text response, Survey question, No response needed

  • Waiting time - the period of time during which Standuply will wait for the answers from the respondents
  • End time reminder - is a message that Standuply sends you before the report is over in order to remind you that it's time to answer the bot's questions or hurry you up. You can customize the time interval between the reminder message and the message itself. You can also turn it off. 
  • Requests - a feature that captures information from a third-party service the team uses (for example, Google Analytics) and attaches that data to an existing Standuply report inside Slack

Results Delivery

  • People - people from the Slack team that will receive the answers from the respondent and/or data requested by Standuply from third-party services
  • Channel(s) - public Slack channel(s) where the results of the report will be delivered 
  • Email - the email(s) to which the report's results will be sent
  • Private channel(s) - private Slack channel(s) where the results of the report will be delivered
  • Don't send summary anywhere - an option that allows you not to send results anywhere. You can turn it on when you'd like to send just a notification

  • Start a thread with report results - the option that allows delivering report's results to a thread, no matter if they are delivered via DM or to a Slack channel
  • Asynchronous results delivery - the option that allows delivering the answers of the respondents as they come

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