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Standuply allows you to snooze a report and answer the bot's questions later if you can't do this on time for some reason. 

The "Snooze" button appears every time the bot starts sending you questions. You can snooze the report anytime before answering the last question. 

In order to snooze the report click the "Snooze" button 

and choose the snooze interval.

You can choose between the several options - from 1 to 8 hours. 

Once you've chosen the snooze interval the bot will send you a notification with the "Report now" button. 

This button allows you to give your answers anytime before the snooze interval is over. If you've answered some of the questions before clicking the "Snooze" button, Standuply will continue asking you questions according to the order. For example, you've answered two questions and clicked "Snooze". When Standuply starts asking you questions again, it will start from the third one. 

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  1. Peter Schwaller

    Once upon a time (last week) I was able to choose "Own Time" on the Select Survey Time menu, and then set a time for myself for all future reports.  That no longer seems to be available.  

    How can I set a different meeting time for one particular person?