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How to edit answers?

You can edit answers both while the report is running and when it is over and your answers have been already sent. 


In order to do this use the standard Slack function - "message actions" : 


1. Hover over the message you'd like to edit. 


2. Click the "Show message actions" button on the menu that appears when you hover over the message. 


3. Select "Edit message"

If you don't see Edit message option, this can mean 2 things:

  1. You try to edit system message:

    According to Slack terms, users are only allowed to edit messages that they created themselves. If the message was sent by the Standuply app, then only the Standuply app bot will be able to edit their message.

     2. You don't have Permission to edit messages and you should contact your Slack workspace admin or Slack support:

To check this:

  1. Try to edit any other messages you have in Slack. If you don't see edit option, most probably your Slack role or Permissions doesn't allow you to do that. 
  2. a. In Slack, open your Direct Messages with Slackbot.
    b. Send Slackbot the following message:/verify
    c. Slackbot will respond with a code and your role in workspace
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  1. Henry Jeon

    Is it possible to edit my response of the survey question? There is no edit button on survey answers...