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How to share your account with multiple admins(trial/PM plan)Written by DoraUpdated over a week ago

You can create a shared account at Standuply. If you want to manage your team work more effectively, you can invite certain people as collaborators into your account and let them edit/create reports/requests or manage billing etc.

Note: this function is available only on trial and on Program manager plan.

How it works:

  1. Choose "Team" toolbar on the main page of your Standuply account.

2. Type in the user's name and send an invitation.

Please note: you can only invite a user, who is a member of your Slack team. If you use Shared channels and want to invite a person from your shared channel, but from a different team, you should invite this person to your team first. Or, if the only function you would like to give to this person is your billing and payments, we can send you a direct link for payment, just contact our support.

3. Each collaborator will receive an e-mail (on his own address) with a link. If an admin has his own separate account, he should log out of this account before following the link. 


  1. Check the spam folder, if you didn't receive a link.
  2. User should log out(!) of his/her Standuply account before following the link

4. After collaborator followed the link, he will have an access to a shared account. He can log in with his own credentials.

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