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Video and voice messages

You can use this function in two ways:

1. To send video and voice messages in any channel in Slack or via DM

2.You can use video and voice answers to answer your standups in Slack

(Note: you can do it only on Program manager plan)

So, if you want to send video/voice message in channel or via DM, just type in /voice or /video in that channel




Then press "Click to start recording" button and you will be redirected to your default browser:


Note: For now video and voice messages recording is available only if you use Google Chrome/Opera browser by default. Video and voice messages recording is now available for Adroid and IOS

You can also use video and voice messages to answer the standups. To switch this function on, please go to your report and click enable video and voice messages.



All respondents from now on can use a voice/video answers button:

Here is a video instruction how to use video/voice answers:

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