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What are the main Standuply’s features?

So, the current version of Standuply supports the following features.

  • Custom reports - create reports with your own questions.

  • Unlimited reports - you can create an unlimited number of reports for any number of channels or certain users. 

  • Report scheduling - schedule reports in multiple channels to automatically start each report in chosen days at specified time. 

  • Sending results - you can send the stand-up results via DM in Slack, to a public or private channel, or via email. 

  • Email reports - you can specify your teammates' or stakeholders' emails to send a copy of report results there. 

  • Reports history - you have an access to the archive of all the reports. You can always check the history of stand-ups right in your Standuply’s personal accoun on the web. Also you can download this archive as an XLSX file. 

  • Data requests - a data request captures information from a third-party service the team uses and attaches that data to an existing Standuply report inside Slack. For now Standuply allows you to get data/charts from Google Analytics and metrics from databases like MySQL or MongoDB. 

  • Reports notifications - you can turn on or off notifications that Standuply sends for your teammates in case if they’ve missed the time for answering your questions. 

  • Snooze and quick replies - you can snooze the report if don’t have time to answer or give a quick reply (for example, “Nothing to report”)

  • Threaded messaging - when you create a report, just select “Start thread with report results” and you will receive the results in a separate thread. 

  • Asynchronous results delivery - responses can be delivered asynchronously, so that everybody will see them appearing in real-time. 

  • Delayed report start - you can create reports with the delayed date of start. For example, you’d like your stand-up report to start surveying people in your team starting not from the current week, but in 2 weeks. 

The new features are coming soon :)

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