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How to customize the questions?

Every new report has three pre-set questions: 

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What do you plan on doing today?
  • Okay, any obstacles? 

and the final message - Great, got it. 

You can customize questions by changing the text in the questions' fields, add as many new questions as you want, delete them and change their order. You can also change the response type so that Standuply sends not only the questions, but also notifications with no answer needed. 

So, in order do add questions click the "Add Question" button that is located under the blocks with questions. 

In order to move questions up and down, place the mouce pointer on the question's block you'd like to more, so that you can see  the two black arrows on the left. Click them to move this block up and down. 

In order to delete the question, click the red cross between these two arrows. 

In order to change the type of the answer click "Text response" in the bottom left corner of the question's block and select the type of the response. 

  • Text response - respondent is supposed to answer the questions with text. 
  • No response needed - the bot won't wait for the answers from the respondents. Works good for regular notifications, sharing information, links, etc. 
  • Survey question - you set up various response options and the respondent can choose them from the drop down list. 

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