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How to view the results of the stand-up?

There are three options of the results delivery: 

  • via DM in Slack; 
  • to a public or a private channel in Slack; 
  • via email. 

All the reports' results are also automatically saved in History.

You can combine the above-mentioned options as you want. 

You can also set up the format of the results delivery. 

"Start a thread with the report results" means that the results of the report will be delivered in a thread, no matter if they are delivered via DM or to a Slack channel. 

Here is how the results look like when you open the thread

The results delivered via DM or to a Slack channel with no thread look like this 

"Asynchronous results delivery" means that the answers of the respondents will be delivered as they come from the respondents. So, we recommend using this option with delivery in a thread in order to keep all the answers together. 

If you uncheck "Asynchronous results delivery" the results will be delivered synchronously, i.e. you will see all the answers at once right after the report waiting time is over. 

The results delivered via email look like this 

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